El Museo de Los Sures & International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP)


El Museo de Los Sures and the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP) are pleased to present the exhibition I use people for what I write by artist and ISCP alum Itziar Barrio. This exhibition is the outcome of Barrio’s three-month residency at El Museo, where she has initiated a series of works on desire and power.

I use people for what I write includes cement sculptures, silkscreens on latex and video work. The notion of value is intertwined throughout the works by varying and repeating the form of a trapezoid referencing diamonds and gold ingots. Using the same materials in a second set of sculptures alongside parts of an Ikea chair, Barrio addresses concepts of mass production and popular design. Another work, “I’m a Writer”, uses printed text on latex and reconstructed phrases from the movie Basic Instinct (1992). Here, words from the film’s dialogue are removed to create a quasi-monologue.

All the works presented in this exhibition relate to Barrio’s ongoing project THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE that mixes performance, theater, film and live experience to confront established sets of rules and cultivate the conditions for unscripted consequences. Inspired by the findings of Stanley Milgram’s 1961 psychological experiments, THE PERILS centers on four characters immersed in power dynamics within the same scene in an endless conflict. THE MUSIC YOU WANT ME TO HEAR is a video created from the footage of the live audition/performance to cast the actors of THE PERILS iteration in New York City and will be included as a projection in I use people for what I write.