BY ALL MEANS booklet with texts by Johanna Burton, 2018

THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE Video and Theater Experimental Project in Bogotá, Fortner Anderson, Cromos, 2017

Sounding the social, David Markus, Art in America, 2013

THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE, Xavier Acarin, A*Desk, 2013 

From behind the fiesta, Jaime Cuenca, A*Desk, 2011 

1+1 does not always make 2, Maria Mur Dean, 2011

Detras, al final… mas alla de la comparsa, Wendy Navarro, Salonkritik 2011 

Ithaca, Blanca de la Torre, 2009

Reflections on Some Old Topologies, Norman Douglas, 2009

Her Serious Game, Cassandra Neyenesch, 2008

Noise is not Music, Beatriz Herraez, 2008

Laconic Visual Neologisms, Micaela Giovannotti, 2008