adhoc Gallery


adhoc Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition THE MUSIC YOU WANT ME TO HEAR. The artist Itziar Barrio presents new and recently produced works around the ideas of power dynamics, desire, and constructed situations and realities. This exhibition is a collection of different pieces, each with its own meaning and individual characteristics. In relationship to each other they build a narrative underlaid by the dialogue between public and private, fiction and non-fiction, and the deconstruction of the cinematographic apparatus.

In the words of David Markus (Art in America):

(…) At the heart of Casting THE PERILS OF OBEDIENCE is a commentary on the desire for public affirmation. Confronted with questions such as, "are you a good liar?" actors were forced to weigh their privacy against the seductiveness exerted by the cameras, the casting director, and the unwittingly implicated audience. This exploration of the queasier underpinnings of spectacle was punctuated by a segment involving the recitation of a famous monologue from the film All About Eve (1950) in which the title character, a wannabe starlet, exults in the "waves of love" that pour over the performer when the audience applauds—when it's clear that "they want you."